February 9, 2020


We understand that outages and issues can be frustrating. We’re here to help.

Our network monitoring system alerts us instantly to any issues across our network. Please check our Service Status page to check if any issues are affecting your area.

Basic troubleshooting your connection should include rebooting (power off / on) your router and rooftop device prior to contacting us.

Otherwise, please have the following information handy when lodging a ticket or support call :

  • When did your issue begin?
  • When did your service last work?
  • Is it the whole property or only some devices?
  • Can you connect to your WiFi network?

Speed Issues

When performing speed tests, it’s important to consider these items before lodging a support ticket :

  • Your plan speed on “Standard” Residential and Business services (eg 50 megabits download) is “up to”.
  • This is the total speed to you, not to each device. Eg, if your TV is streaming HD Netflix at 8 megabits, you will only see 42 megabits on Speed Test sites. Our portal shows your actual usage both in amount of data (“gigs downloaded”) and how fast (speed in megabits).
  • Use reputable speed test sites such as fast.com (run by Netflix) and speedtest.net (choosing Telstra, Optus or Vodafone).
  • Perform all speed tests with a connection which is cabled into your router (no WiFi). The reason for this is that WiFi is prone to interference from other WiFi devices in your location, Microwave ovens, cordless phones, baby monitors, etc.

If you need support :

  • Send an email to support@hyperwave.com.au from the email linked to your account with us. This will automatically create a ticket.
  • Send an SMS to 0480-001-212. Please remember to tell us who you are!
  • Phone 1300-497-379 during business hours